2019 Race Schedule

There is a single focus for my 10th year racing as a time trial specialist: podium finishes in as many state and regional age-group time trials as possible. This is my 2019 race schedule (updated 07/14/2019):

  1. WBR Single Bong Time Trial (hilly 20 km), Kansasville, WI, Sunday, May 5 (3) Race Report
  2. WBR Harvard Time Trial (flat 20 km), Harvard, IL, Sunday, May 12 (2) Race Report
  3. Stray Kats Kankakee Time Trial (20 km), Kankakee, IL, Sunday, May 19 (1) Race Report
  4. WBR Bong and a Half Time Trial (hilly 30 km), Kansasville, WI, Sunday, June 2 (3) Race Report
  5. Scarlet Fire Time Trial (20 km), Garden Prairie, IL, Sunday, June 9 (2) Race Report
  6. Regional Time Trial Championship (20 km), Cordova, IL, Sunday, July 14 (4) Race Report
  7. USAC Wisconsin State Time Trial Championship (hilly 11.1 mi), New Glarus, WI, Saturday, July 20
  8. Bryce Master Time Trial (flat 19 km), Harvard, IL, Saturday, August 3
  9. WBR Wisconsin State Time Trial Championship (hilly 20 km), Kansasville, WI, Sunday, August 18
  10. Return to Cherry Valley Time Trial (20 km), Cherry Valley, IL, Sunday, August 25
  11. Wisconsin Senior Olympics Time Trial (flat 10 km), Menomonee Falls, WI, Tuesday, August 27
  12. Wisconsin Senior Olympics Time Trial (flat 5 km), Menomonee Falls, WI, Wednesday, August 28
  13. ABD Fall Fling Time Trial (10 mi), Maple Park, IL, Sunday, September 29

NOTE: There are many more locally sanctioned races available to me than USA Cycling (USAC) sanctioned races. Ten (10) of my 13 races this season will be sanctioned by American Bike Racing (ABR), a grassroots organization aimed at promoting races and racers at the local level, rather than at the national level by USAC. Only one of the races will be sanctioned by USAC. The remaining two races will be independently sanctioned as part of the state-level National Senior Games qualifying events. The only drawback is that none of my ABR race results will apply to my USAC national rankings.