eBook In The Works

Today, I’ve added a new menu link titled EBOOK. Over the years, I’ve noticed that cycling books have given little attention to the “Masters” competitive cyclists aged 35-99. Nor do these books, with a few exceptions, explain competitive cycling from the viewpoint of “an experiment of one.” There are discussions about power curves and heart rate zones, but few, if any, discussions about training plans for older competitive cyclists or the lifestyle changes that are required.

Joe Friel, one of the leading endurance sports coaches, has written a new book: Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life (VeloPress, December 2014). According to the press release: “…New research on aging athletes shows that cyclists, runners, and triathletes can limit their age-related performance declines if they go about it the right way…Friel offers a smart approach to staying competitive…By training to ward off the effects of age, cyclists, runners, and triathletes can extend their racing careers [emphasis added] for decades and race to win…Fast After 50 includes effective workouts, a focused strength training program, and proven guidelines on recovery and nutrition for high performance.”

The problem I see with Friel’s book is that it is aimed at endurance athletes who have had racing careers before they got “old.” What about those individuals who want to start competing at age 40, 50, or 60? That is the audience for my book: Four Steps to the Podium: A Blueprint for Serious Competitive Cyclists Ages 35-99. I will explain the level of commitment required to reach the podium, which should quickly separate the “serious” competitive cyclists from their recreational friends.