TT Basics


Seriously? The short answer is “yes.” I’m not talking about simply finishing the first and only bike race you enter. I’m talking about being competitive in multiple bike races throughout a race season that runs from March to October. It is even possible to finish on the podium in significant bike races, like your state’s time trial championship or even National Senior Games.

If you want to race your bike, we need to determine what kind of cyclist you are right now. There are essentially three types:

Beginner: Rides for fitness, recreation, special events, touring, or transportation. Does not own a racing bike or heart rate (HR) monitor. Wants to compete in first time trial. No experience with training plans, strength workouts, or nutritional guidelines.

Intermediate: Has some experience with mass-start races, like road races or criteriums, at the local and state level. Has racing bike with handlebar extensions and HR monitor. Wants to be competitive in time trials. Limited experience with personalized training plans, strength workouts, and nutritional guidelines.

Advanced: Has been competing in time trials at the local, state, and regional levels. Wants to be more competitive at all levels, including national. Has TT bike and HR monitor. Uses personalized training plans, individual strength workouts, and nutritional guidelines.

NOTE: As you look at the rest of the topics under the “TT Basics” menu, you will see these three cyclist symbols again. Each topic discusses subjects that are appropriate for one or more experience levels. For example, a “Beginner” will have no interest in VO2max or Functional Threshold Power (FTP) testing until they have completed their first race. That subject will be marked for the “Intermediate” and “Advanced” cyclists.

Once you determine your current experience level, let’s chat. In a free one hour consultation, we will build a personalized training plan that will help you achieve your cycling goals, whether it will be your first time trial ever, or to be competitive in a national championship race. We’ll address the “four steps to the podium:” lifestyle, gear, training, and racing. 


Time trialing is much safer than mass-start pack racing as one gets older, requires less training time per week, and does not require pro-level bike handling skills. Time trialing does require a unique combination of physical and psychological skills that, once developed through a scientific, structured, and progressive training program, can lead to podium finishes in races from the local to national levels.

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