2017 Race Report #4: Virginia State Time Trial Championship

My fourth race of 2017 was the Virginia State Time Trial Championship, held in Suffolk, VA, on a flat 21.4 mile out-and-back course, on Sunday, August 6. The weather was warm and humid at my 8:51:00 a.m. start time: temperature was 75 degrees, humidity was 65 percent, and the wind was from the east at 6 mph.

This was the third time I’ve raced this course. The first time was in 2014 when I won my age group in 0:55:58 (22.94 mph average). The second time was in 2016, when I placed second with a time of 0:55:08 (23.28 mph average).

I finished a quick 15 minute warmup on the trainer and headed to the start line. There were a total of seven entries in my age group, though only six of them showed up. My main competition was again Mark H., who beat me last year. This was our fourth head-to-head competition.

Anticipating a constant crosswind from the east, I was conservative with my outbound pacing at 22-23 mph. I hit the turnaround point in 0:27:38 (22.15 mph average). Despite the crosswind and continually slipping forward on my saddle, I recorded a finishing time of 0:57:33 (22.31 mph average), sufficient for a third place finish. Mark’s winning time was 0:55:14 (23.24 mph). Bob S., who hasn’t ever beaten me in the past six years, was shocked to take second place with a time of 57:25 (22.35 mph average), only eight seconds faster than me.

Race replay: Virginia State Time Trial Championship

My next race is the 20 km (12.4 mile) regional time trial championship on Saturday, August 19. All of the top age-group competitors in the Mid-Atlantic region have already registered. So, the competition will be fierce.