2018 Race Report #3: Virginia State Age-Graded Time Trial Championship

My third race of 2018 was the Virginia State Age-Graded Time Trial Championship, held in Suffolk, VA, on a flat 21.4 mile out-and-back course, on Sunday, August 12. The weather was warm and humid at my 8:48:00 a.m. start time: temperature was 78 degrees (felt like 81 degrees), humidity was 89 percent, and the wind was from the north at 4 mph.

This was the fourth time I’ve raced this course. The first time was in 2014 when I won my age group in 0:55:58 (22.94 mph average). The second time was in 2016, when I placed second with a time of 0:55:08 (23.28 mph average). The third time was in 2017, when I placed third in 0:57:33 (22.31 mph average).

I finished a quick 15 minute warmup on the trainer and headed to the start line. There were a total of five entries in my age group. My main competition was again Mark H., who beat me last year. This was our fifth head-to-head competition.

Not wanting to start too fast, especially with the weather conditions, I was conservative with my outbound pacing at 22-23 mph. I hit the turnaround point in 0:28:01 (22.91 mph average). I maintained a steady pace inbound and crossed the finish line in 0:56:40 (22.65 mph average). I was the third fastest finisher in my age group, but was awarded second place because the second fastest time was turned in by a competitor from an adjacent state. Mark’s winning time was a blistering 0:52:47 (24.32 mph). I beat Bob S., who beat me last year by eight seconds, by almost two minutes.

Race replay: Virginia State Time Trial Championship

My next race is the 20 km (12.4 mile) regional time trial championship on Saturday, August 18. All of the top age-group competitors in the Mid-Atlantic region have already registered. So, the competition will be fierce.