2019 Race Report #6: Regional Time Trial Championship

My sixth race of 2019 was the 13th race of the 20-race Mid-America Time Trial Series (MATTS). I celebrated a milestone with this particular race. It was my 100th race overall, going back 13 years, to 2001. To date, I’ve completed 79 time trials of various lengths. I will reach the 100th time trial milestone towards the latter part of next season.

The weather was warm and humid with a steady wind from the east at 8 mph. Temperature was 79 degrees with 84 percent humidity. Stinging flies were a nuisance while warming up and waiting to start racing.

After a 20 minute warmup on my trainer, I waited for 10 minutes beyond my scheduled start time, along with the other competitors, in the hot sun while the officials completed their preparations.

The out-and-back flat course was 18 kilometers (11.23 miles) in length. Despite the steady headwind outbound, I attempted to maintain at least a 24-25 mph pace. I quickly increased my heart rate to 135 BPM. This is above my lactate threshold of 130 BPM. My maximum heart rate was 141 BPM. My cadence averaged 92 RPM; maximum was 113 RPM. My power numbers were also above threshold: 224 watts (212 watts threshold), 530 watts maximum.

Unfortunately, I was stymied again by the headwind. I only achieved a 19-20 mph pace. After the turnaround, with the tailwind, I was able to increase my pace to 24-25 mph. But, this greatly reduced speed into a headwind has been a problem for me in every race so far this season.

My time was 0:31:20 (21.63 mph average) for fourth place (top speed was 26.5 mph). The winner finished in 0:27:43 (24.46 mph average). The times of the second and third place finishers were 0:28:11 (24.05 mph average) and 0:29:54 (22.67 mph average) respectively.

Race replay: Regional 20 KM Time Trial Championship

My next race is next Saturday. It is the Wisconsin State Time Trial Championship, a hilly 18 KM course, in New Glarus, a two-hour drive west of Milwaukee.