2019 Race Report #12: Cherry Valley 20 KM Time Trial

My 12th race of 2019, and the third race of the week, was the Return to Cherry Valley (IL) 20 KM time trial. The course was an out-and-back route over local roads starting outside a recreational area.

The weather was pleasant under partly cloudy skies. Temperature at my start time was 59 degrees with 81 percent humidity. The wind was from the east at 7 mph, creating a crosswind over the entire course.

Since I was unfamiliar with this particular course, I rode the entire length during my warmup, starting about an hour before my start time. The crosswind was a particular concern. My 42-minute warmup got my heart rate and power level up to just below race pace.

When I actually started my race, the wind seemed to intensify and shift to a headwind/crosswind which reduced my outbound pace to 20.50 mph average. On the inbound leg, I took advantage of the slight tailwind and increased my pace to 23.63 mph average.

I finished in second place out of four competitors in 0:34:25 (21.87 mph average). I was only 31 seconds slower than the winning time of 0:33:54 (22.21 mph average). The times of the third and fourth place finishers were 0:39:41 (18.97 mph) and 0:46:21 (16.24 mph) respectively.

Race replay: Return to Cherry Valley 20 KM Time Trial

My next race is a 4-person team time trial on Saturday, September 14, covering 37.5 KM in Harvard, IL. I am joining three of my fastest age-group competitors for this event.