2019 Race Report #14: Fall Fling 10 Mile Time Trial

My 14th race of 2019 and the final MidAmerica Time Trial Series (MATTS) race was the Fall Fling 10 Mile Time Trial. The course was an out-and-back route over local roads near Maple Park, IL.

The weather was warm and humid under cloudy skies. It rained during my two hour drive to Maple Park. But, there was a three hour break in the rain, which allowed us to race without getting wet. Temperature at my start time was 72 degrees with 100 percent humidity. The wind was from the south at 15 mph, creating a strong headwind inbound and a buffeting crosswind both inbound and outbound.

I completed a 30 minute warmup on a nearby road and got my heart rate up to race pace. As I tried to save my warmup data, my GPS computer malfunctioned and the data record was corrupted and unrecoverable. Fortunately, I had no malfunction subsequently with my race data.

Due to the high probability of rain in the forecast, my chief age-group rival decided to stay home. A much slower competitor did show up. So, with the opportunity for the win (and maximum series points), I pushed my outbound pace to over 27 mph with the strong tailwind. Turning into the wind, my pace dropped below 20 mph. My official time for the 9.14 mile course was 0:25:21 (21.6 mph average). My only competitor finished in 0: 28:36 (19.17 mph average).

Race replay: Fall Fling 10-Mile Time Trial

SEASON RECAP: I completed 14 age-group time trials: 11 in the MATTS series (three wins), two at the Wisconsin Senior Olympics (won both), and the USA Cycling Wisconsin State Time Trial Championship (won). I had podium finishes in 13 of 14 races. As for the MATTS points championship, I calculate that I will finish in second place and be eligible for a medal, cash prize, and a jersey (for the team time trial) at the award ceremony in early November.