2020 Race Report #9: WBR Bong and a Half 20 KM Time Trial

My ninth race of 2020 was the sixth outdoor race postponed to a later date in the season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As an alternative, I raced the course virtually through an online cycling workout website called ROUVY, similar to my last five races.

My time was 0:31:25 (22.93 mph) for 12.01 miles, over two minutes faster than my last virtual race on this course on May 2nd, when I finished in 0:33:51 (21.28 mph). I also posted the fastest time to date, beating the previous course record of 0:32:56, set on January 30, 2017, by 0:01:31.

As I’ve previously noted, there are two disadvantages to virtual time trial racing. First, there is no benefit for using aero gear, such as a TT bike, speedsuit, aero helmet, etc. Second, the power trainer reduces the resistance on a downhill section, but there is no coasting. You have to continue pedaling or you will stop. There is one plus: no wind.

Virtual race replay: WBR Bong and a Half 20 KM Time Trial

My next virtual race is the Garden Prairie Time Trial (hilly 20 kilometers) on Sunday, June 14. This live race is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.