2020 Race Report #17: Return to Cherry Valley 20 KM Time Trial

My 17th race of 2020 was the fourth outdoor race of the season after easing of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Social distancing was observed by expanding the start times between riders from the usual 30-seconds to five minutes. There were officials at the start, turn-around, and finish lines for the first time. This event was held on the originally scheduled date.

The weather was almost perfect at my 10:46 a.m. start time: 76 degrees (felt like 76 degrees), 40 percent humidity, and wind at 6 mph from the East. The wind direction meant a steady crosswind on both legs of the 12.3 mile out-and-back course. There were six entries in my age-group.

I completed a structured 30-minute warmup on my stationary trainer before heading to the start line. I started right on time and quickly accelerated to 20+ mph into a slight headwind and uphill section. I only averaged 20.43 mph for the first 6.5 miles before reaching the turn-around point. Despite the crosswind, I increased my average speed to 21.62 mph for the 5.7 miles to the finish. My official time was 0:34:54 (21.3 mph) and a third place finish. The winning time was 0:31:17 (23.53 mph).

All of my equipment worked perfectly unlike the problems I had back on July 18 on this course. All of my speed improvements have been installed, but still need some minor adjustments.

Race replay: Return to Cherry Valley 20 KM Time Trial

My next race is the ABR 2-Person Team Time Trial on Saturday, September 12. Distance not yet announced. This race was originally scheduled to be a 4-Person competition, but has been reduced to two persons due to pandemic restrictions.