5 Frequently Asked Questions Answered

There are five questions that I am asked most frequently about my fitness, lifestyle, training and racing. I thought I would share my answers with you.

What is your fitness age?

My current fitness age is equivalent to an average 34 year old, which is over three decades younger than my chronological age. What exactly does that mean? Well, I use no prescription drugs. My only medication is a “baby” aspirin each morning and an anti-inflammation supplement for chronic rheumatoid arthritis. My resting heart rate averages 40-45 beats per minute. I don’t look my age. And, I have enough vigor to continue working a full-time job, complete six days (8-10+ hours) of competitive cycling training per week, and race 20+ time trials annually.

What are your lifestyle goals?

Continue living an active lifestyle that helps me to win a national age-group time trial championship by age 100. That means following a scientific, structured, and progressive training plan. Eating whole foods with zero processing and additives. Getting 7+ hours of sleep nightly and a 20-minute nap when possible. I’m optimistic that I can reach 100. My father died three months short of his 97th birthday. His father lived to 98. Neither of them lived particularly active or healthy lifestyles.

How do you keep track of your training and racing data?

I have 21 paper training diaries on my bookshelf, one for each year since I started cycling in 2001. I have manually recorded almost 2,900 daily workout/race results in Joe Friel’s The Cyclist’s Training Diary. Since 2013, I’ve uploaded the data from each workout to Garmin Connect and either Cycling Analytics or TrainingPeaks online repositories.

What are your training challenges and stressors?

My biggest training challenge is achieving a fitness level sufficient to sustain 25+ mph average in a 20 kilometer (12.42 miles) time trial. I have a significant stressor in the arthritis in my neck and shoulders that prevents me from achieving an optimal aerodynamic position on my race bike. I’ve installed a new set of aerobar extensions to compensate. It remains to be seen in my upcoming races whether or not they will block the wind hitting my upright chest and make me faster.

How fast was your first race?

My first road race was a 45 mile effort in suburban Maryland in 2001. My average speed was 17.16 mph. It took me 2:37:20 to finish. I likely finished either in last place or next to last place. On the other hand, my first time trial was a 40 kilometer (24.85 miles) effort also in suburban Maryland in 2010. My average speed was 19.32 mph (1:17:12) for a 23rd place finish.

Feel free to post additional questions in the comments section below or send me a private message. You can “ask me anything.”