2015 National Senior Games Update #2

The 2015 National Senior Games (NSG) participant lists have been published for my two events. There are roughly 400 entries for both events. There are 60 entries in my age-group 5 km time trial. There are 58 entries in my 10 km time trial. Almost all of the racers are entered in both events. I am the only entry from Virginia in both races. There are several individuals entered from Maryland that I have competed against in local races.

But, the man I have to beat is the defending 2013 Senior Games champion in both events. His qualifying times last summer were impressive. In the 5 km time trial, he qualified in 0:07:03 (26.44 mph average), 17 seconds faster than his 2013 winning time. In the 10 km time trial, he qualified in 0:14:33 (25.62 mph average), 10 seconds faster than his 2013 winning time. I’ve already seen his fitness level this season, when he beat a field of 15 younger competitors at Conquer the Canal in late March, with an average speed of 25.38 mph over 12 miles.

I’ve also cross-referenced the NSG participant list against the 19 finishers in last year’s USAC Masters National (20 km) Time Trial Championship to make sure that I have only one person to beat. None of them are racing against me in July.

The next update will be two weeks before the races when the starting times are posted.