2020 Race Report #1: ABD Indoor #1 10 KM Time Trial

My first race of 2020 was an indoor virtual 10 KM (6.2 mile) time trial conducted at a Winfield, IL, bike shop. The course was rolling hills. (NOTE: This was the race originally scheduled for last Sunday. Due to hazardous road conditions in the area after a snowstorm earlier last weekend, almost a dozen competitors were unable to attend. Today’s makeup session was attended by four of those competitors.)

Our bikes were set up side-by-side on individual power trainers that were all connected to a large wide-screen television. We could see our individual data points as we covered the course, as well as the progress of the other competitors. The one drawback with the race system being used was that I was unable to record any power metrics.

Race replay: ABD Indoor #1 10 KM Time Trial

My winning time was 0:19:23 (19.23 mph); second place time was 0:25:14 (14.11 mph).

My next race is another indoor virtual 10 KM makeup time trial on Sunday, February 15, in Winfield, IL, just west of O’Hare airport west of Chicago.