Period 4 – Week 1 Training Report

PERIOD 4 – WEEK 1  (01/13 – 01/19) TRAINING REPORT

HIGHLIGHTS: This was the baseline week of this training period. The aim is to continue developing my aerobic threshold with longer weekend road rides, convert strength to power, increase Functional Threshold Power (FTP) as a proportion of VO2max, and to develop neuromuscular pedaling efficiency. All of the workouts this week were conducted indoors on a power trainer.

Tuesday’s workout was a big gear intensive endurance effort at 80%-90% MHR for three 10-minute intervals, with five minutes recovery between the intervals. Average speed was 14.8 mph; maximum speed was 20.8 mph. Average power was 149 watts; maximum power was 309 watts.

Wednesday’s virtual ride was a 12.70 mile effort at 60%-70% MHR completed in 0:41:15. Average speed was 18.5 mph; maximum speed was 25.0 mph. Average power was 169 watts; maximum power was 216 watts.

Thursday’s workout was three eight-minute ramped intervals at 70%-80% MHR with four minutes easy recovery between the intervals. Each interval started at 200 watts and increased by five watts each subsequent minute. Average speed was 15.1 mph; maximum speed was 19.8 mph. Average power was 161 watts; maximum power was 291 watts.

Saturday’s virtual ride was a 19.53 mile effort at 60%-80% MHR completed in 1:05:13. Average speed was 18.0 mph; maximum speed was 37.1 mph.

Sunday’s indoor virtual race was a makeup for missing last Sunday’s first race of the season due to hazardous road conditions. Despite a heavier snowfall starting Friday afternoon and ending Saturday morning, roads were clear. The race was a 10 kilometer (6.2 miles) effort at 100%-105% MHR completed in 0:19:23. Average speed was 19.23 mph; maximum speed was 25.9 mph. Average power was 198 watts; maximum power was 248 watts.


  • Total Distance: 73.76 mi
  • Longest Ride: 19.53 mi
  • Total Time for Week: 5:06:20 (h:m:s)
  • Avg Speed: 16.6 mph
  • Max Speed: 37.1 mph
  • Avg Power: 162 watts
  • Max Power: 309 watts
  • Calories: 2,480 C
  • Avg Weight: 168.7