Base 2 – Week 6 Training Report

BASE 2 – WEEK 6 (02/01 – 02/07) TRAINING REPORT

HIGHLIGHTS: The aim for this phase of training for the 2021 race season is to continue increasing the time in the saddle with endurance and speed workouts. All workouts were conducted indoors on a power trainer using the ZWIFT online application.

Tuesday’s L4 FTP Mountaintop Simulation Intervals was three sets of seven intervals: three minutes at 222 watts, two minutes at 234 watts, one minute at 246 watts, one minute at 211 watts, two minutes at 222 watts, one minute at 269 watts, and four minutes recovery at 105 watts. The second half of the workout was 30 minutes at 140-187 watts. Average speed was 20.9 mph; maximum speed was 26.0 mph. Average power was 148 watts; maximum power was 291 watts.

Wednesday’s L1 Active Recovery Steady was 60 minutes at 117 watts. Average speed was 18.4 mph; maximum speed was 28.1 mph. Average power was 116 watts; maximum power was 149 watts.

Thursday’s L4/L6 FTP Varied Undulations Rising Intervals was three sets of four intervals: seven-11 minutes at 215-234 watts, two-four minutes at 234-257 watts; one-three minutes at 246-281 watts, and four minutes recovery at 105 watts. The second half of the workout was 25 minutes at 140-187 watts. Average speed was 20.4 mph; maximum speed was 27.2 mph. Average power was 143 watts; maximum watts was 294 watts.

Friday’s L1 Easy Spin was 60 minutes at 117-140 watts. Average speed was 19.3 mph; maximum speed was 28.9 mph. Average power was 118 watts; maximum power was 387 watts.

Saturday’s L2 Endurance Aero Turtling was 90 minutes at 147-197 watts. Average speed was 19.7 mph; maximum speed was 38.2 mph. Average power was 125 watts; maximum power was 192 watts.

Sunday’s Watopia “Big Loop” Route Badge was 27.73 miles and 2,208 feet of climbing completed in 2:00:13. Average speed was 13.9 mph; maximum speed was 46.1 mph. Average power was 135 watts; maximum power was 261 watts.


  • Total Distance: 152.44 mi
  • Longest Ride: 31.45 mi
  • Total Time for Week: 9:46:32 (h:m:s)
  • Avg Speed: 18.4 mph
  • Max Speed: 46.1 mph
  • Avg Power: 131 watts
  • Max Power: 387 watts
  • Calories: 3,980 C
  • Avg Weight: 162.6