Base 3 – Week 5 Training Report

BASE 3 – WEEK 5 (07/04 – 07/10) TRAINING REPORT

Completed highest mileage week – 196.78 miles – since resuming training in October 2021. Previous high of 180.50 miles was logged during the week of February 28 to March 6, 2022, five months ago. If hadn’t shortened the third lap of the WTTC rehearsal by nine miles, I would have logged slightly over 205 miles. Another training fitness indicator – Chronic Training Load (CTL) – reached 41 this week. CTL is a rolling 42-day average of my daily Training Stress Score (TSS), which is based on each workout’s duration and intensity. My CTL had reached 54 the week before my crash.

HIGHLIGHTS: The goal for this training period is to continue focusing on endurance and tempo intervals alternating with recovery rides. Continue a 20-minute yoga routine two or three times weekly aimed at strengthening my shoulders and lower back. The smart trainer workouts were conducted indoors with the Zwift or Rouvy applications.

Monday’s L2 Endurance Ride workout was 12.43 miles in 0:37:31. Average speed was 19.9 mph; maximum speed was 23.0 mph. Average power was 124 watts; maximum power was 221 watts.

Tuesday’s L4 Sweetspot Wavy Intervals workout was 30.15 miles in 1:40:27. Average speed was 18.0 mph; maximum speed was 22.9 mph. Average power was 100 watts; maximum power was 127 watts.

Wednesday’s L1 Easy Spin Active Recovery Rolling workout was 18.33 miles in 1:00:37. Average speed was 18.1 mph; maximum speed was 23.2 mph. Average power was 103 watts; maximum power was 119 watts.

Thursday’s L4 Decline-Incline Sweetspot Intervals workout was 33.62 miles in 1:45:05. Average speed was 19.2 mph; maximum speed was 24.8 mph. Average power was 115 watts; maximum power was 209 watts.

Friday’s L1 Easy Active Recovery Undulating workout was 17.45 miles in 1:00:45. Average speed was 17.2 mph; maximum speed was 23.3 mph. Average power was 86 watts; maximum power was 122 watts.

Saturday’s WTTC Rehearsal workout was 45.08 miles in 2:22:19. Average speed was 19.0 mph; maximum speed was 29.8 mph. Average power was 114 watts; maximum power was 228 watts.

Sunday’s L1 Rolling/Flat Road workout was 39.71 miles in 2:02:46. Average speed was 19.4 mph; maximum speed was 26.2 mph. Average power was 120 watts; maximum power was 336 watts.


  • Total Distance: 196.78 mi
  • Longest Ride: 39.71 mi
  • Total Time for Week: 11:16:45 (h:m:s)
  • Avg Speed: 18.5 mph
  • Max Speed: 29.8 mph
  • Avg Power: 110 watts
  • Max Power: 336 watts
  • Calories: 4,135 C
  • Avg Weight: 154.5