Build 1 – Week 2 Training Report

BUILD 1 – WEEK 2 (04/19 – 04/25) TRAINING REPORT

HIGHLIGHTS: The aim for this phase of training for the 2021 race season is to continue increasing the time in the saddle with endurance and speed workouts. The weekday workouts were conducted indoors on a direct-drive power trainer using the ZWIFT and ROUVY online applications. Saturday’s workout and Sunday’s first race of the season were conducted outdoors on local bike trails or rural roads.

Tuesday’s L4 FTP Over-Under Intervals was four sets of nine intervals: one minute at 246 watts and one minute at 222 watts repeated four times, followed by five minutes recovery at 94 watts. The second part of the workout was 30 minutes of endurance pace of 140-187 watts. Average speed was 19.5 mph; maximum speed was 28.0 mph. Average power was 135 watts; maximum power was 240 watts.

Wednesday’s L2 Endurance Ride was 60 minutes at 152-176 watts. Average speed was 18.2 mph; maximum speed was 28.7 mph. Average power was 123 watts; maximum power was 166 watts.

Thursday’s second “Cherry Valley” virtual race rehearsal was a rolling 12.63 mile course (actual race course distance is 12.27 miles). A L2/4 Race Warmup of 8.06 miles completed in 0:25:17 preceded the rehearsal. Rehearsal finishing time was 0:33:28. Average speed was 22.7 mph; maximum speed was 29.9 mph. Average power was 195 watts; maximum power was 304 watts. A post-race L2 Endurance cooldown of 15.9 miles was completed in 0:50:07.

Friday’s L1 Active Recovery Varied workout was 60 minutes at 105-140 watts. Average speed was 18.7 mph; maximum speed was 23.6 mph. Average power was 116 watts; maximum power was 150 watts.

Saturday’s L4/L6 Pre-Race Day Prep was sets of intervals at 222 watts, 234 watts, and 351 watts. The second half of the workout was 55 minutes endurance at 152-176 watts. Average speed was 15.0 mph; maximum speed was 22.1 mph. Average power was 151 watts; maximum power was 501 watts.

Sunday’s race was Rock River Multisport 20 KM Time Trial.


  • Total Distance: 144.84 mi
  • Longest Ride: 23.95 mi
  • Total Time for Week: 8:50:56 (h:m:s)
  • Avg Speed: 18.5 mph
  • Max Speed: 29.5 mph
  • Avg Power: 147 watts
  • Max Power: 501 watts
  • Calories: 3,441 C
  • Avg Weight: 163.1