My personal coach is retiring on September 30th

Coach Michael Cooper is a British Cycling Certified Coach. He started racing at age 40 until a car accident ended his racing career at age 54. Over the past 10 years, he has coached numerous time trial racers in Australia, the US, Europe, and the UK. Many of his clients have won Club, Regional, State, and National championships, as well as numerous personal bests. His specialities are personalized training plans, individual strength workouts, and heart rate/power test analyses.

I discovered his website in 2010 through an internet search for time trial training plans. He offered a modestly-priced 12-month training program. It was a scientific, progressive, and specific approach to time trial training and racing. At the end of 2010, I asked him to prepare personal training plans for me. Over the past nine years, I have received four-week training plans every month, as well as weekly analysis of the previous week’s training/racing results.

Due to Coach Cooper’s expertise and encouragement, here are my race results to date: 85 time trials (2010 to Present) with 22 victories, including 11 Northern Virginia Senior Olympics age-group championships (2013-2018), 2014 Virginia State Senior Games age-group championship, 2014 Virginia State age-group championship, 2014-2015 Mid-Atlantic regional age-group time trial series championships, 2019 Wisconsin State age-group championship, two 2019 Wisconsin Senior Olympics age-group championships, and 48 podium finishes.

Thank you, Coach, for the past nine years of concern, direction, and continuous support. All the best to you.