Ending the Race Season Two Months Early

After a disappointing fourth race with my new recumbent trike, I have decided to concentrate on meeting a yearly mileage goal of 6,150 miles rather than competing in the five remaining races in August and September. The truth is that I was not competitive in any respect. And my fused neck and back were being constantly jolted by every bump, crease, or crack in the road surface.

Some have suggested that I should continue racing out of a sheer love of competition. But, competition without any achievement is truly a hollow endeavor, especially after the hundreds of hours and thousand of miles spent training. Others have been amazed that I was even racing after the horrendous injuries I sustained a year ago.

So, I am calling “time out” and will begin working with my coach to develop a training plan, both online and outdoors, that reflects the realities of competing with a recumbent trike. This means preparing for National Senior Games (NSG) in Pittsburgh in July 2023 where trikes race in their own age-group categories for 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers.

After NSG, I will prepare to establish new world records in my age-group for various ultracycling categories, including timed distances and distance records, such as 100 kilometers, 100 miles, and 6-12-24 hours, in September. I have access to a local outdoor velodrome with a smooth sealed concrete surface which will be optimal for timing, pacing, and neck/back comfort.

And, as noted in my comments in my Base 3 – Week 10 Training Report, all of my indoor virtual training sessions for the 2023 season will use Zwift’s mountain bike model or Rouvy’s road bike model to simulate the heavier weight and poorer aerodynamics of my recumbent trike.

In the meantime, I’ve modified my 2022 Race Schedule page to track my weekly progress towards my annual mileage goal. I’ve also added another item to the “BY THE NUMBERS” section on my weekly training reports: Total Distance Year-to-Date.