Foundation 1.3 Training Report


There have been a number of changes to my training starting this week. The first is a different set of titles for my weekly training. Gone are the periodization titles, such as “Period 2 – Week 2,” for a simpler set of four phases: Foundation (20 weeks), Preparation (8 weeks), Specialization (2 weeks), and Race (1 week). This makes sense with only two events – National Senior Games (July) and World Record attempts (September) – on my race schedule.

The second change is the addition of two weekly strength workouts on various leg machines at my local fitness center. Unlike a standard bike, where you can put your entire body (and gravity) into your pedal stroke, a recumbent trike’s speed/power is generated from a horizontal pedal stroke dependent solely on one’s buttock and leg muscles.

Finally, the third change is a switch from a smart trainer to a “dumb” trainer and cancelling my Zwift subscription. Since both of my race events will be on flat courses, I need to have accurate data on my effort. Zwift does not model the performance characteristics of my recumbent trike, nor does it contain realworld venues. I have found two velodrome venues on Rouvy. I will use my Garmin Edge 530 cycling computer to record my workout data for analysis.

HIGHLIGHTS: Each week typically consists of four specific cycling sessions, two recovery cycling sessions, and two yoga sessions. All cycling sessions were completed indoors with my recumbent trike on a smart trainer with the Zwift or Rouvy applications.

Tuesday’s Z3 Big Gear Interval workout was 19.86 miles in 1:10:17. Average speed was 17.0 mph; maximum speed was 22.6 mph. Average power was 88 watts; maximum power was 135 watts.

Wednesday’s Z1 Active Recovery Varied workout was 16.49 miles in 1:00:06. Average speed was 16.5 mph; maximum speed was 22.8 mph. Average power was 83 watts; maximum power was 113 watts.

Thursday’s Z3-Z4 Threshold Intervals workout was 16.90 miles in 1:00:36. Average speed was 16.7 mph; maximum speed was 22.9 mph. Average power was 86 watts; maximum power was 132 watts.

Friday’s Z1 Active Recovery Varied workout was 17.06 miles in 1:00:15. Average speed was 17.0 mph; maximum speed was 23.7 mph. Average power was 85 watts; maximum power was 110 watts.

Saturday’s Sweet Spot Intervals workout was 12.03 miles in 0:45:45. Average speed was 15.7 mph; maximum speed was 21.1 mph. Average power was 80 watts; maximum power was 108 watts.

Sunday’s Z2 Long Steady Road Ride workout was 28.87 miles in 1:45:01. Average speed was 16.5 mph; maximum speed was 24.7 mph. Average power was 83 watts; maximum power was 156 watts.


  • Total Distance: 111.21 mi
  • Longest Ride: 28.87 mi
  • Total Time for Week: 7:22:10 (h:m:s)
  • Avg Speed: 16.6 mph
  • Max Speed: 24.7 mph
  • Avg Power: 84 watts
  • Max Power: 155 watts
  • Calories: 2,076 C
  • Avg Weight: 167.8