Injury Recovery Report: Week 4


I miscalculated the time until I can get specialized professional treatment for my thumb, knee, and foot injury in my previous post. It should have been three week to go in that post. This week, it is now two weeks until I see an occupational therapist on Wednesday, August 2nd, for my thumb. I see a physical therapist for my foot and knee in three weeks on Monday, August 7th.

The recommended treatment for soft tissue/swelling is rest, compression, elevation, and anti-inflammatory medicine. I’ve been following this regime with limited success. I haven’t seen any noticable reduction in my thumb or foot swelling. But, the swelling in my right knee has diminished quite a bit, which has permitted a better range of motion, especially ascending and descending stairs.

I’m still hoping to be able to compete in one or two of the final 20 km time trials of the local Mid-America Time Trial Series on September 2nd or 17th. But, I have been off my trike for six weeks now. If my layoff continues through September, I will only be able to try for the last race on the 17th.