Injury Recovery Report: Week 6


The first meeting with my occupational therapist (OC), on Wednesday, August 2nd, for my damaged right thumb was fruitful. She captured lots of data points on my range of motion, including the amount of pressure during exertion, versus my normal left thumb/hand. She applied a compression wrap to my right hand and told me to discard the rigid cast I was given at Urgent Care over a month ago. She gave me a series of 10 flexibility and strength thumb/hand exercises to perform three times a day.

Then, the next day, I negated the two months of healing so far when I was trying to retrieve a bottle cap that had rolled under my desk. I extended my leg to sweep it back to my hand, when my chair tipped over, spilling me unto the floor. I instinctively extended my right hand to cushion my fall. I felt a shooting pain in my right thumb and wrist as it came into contact with the floor. I had to remove the compression wrap when my hand swelled up. I messaged my OC and she advised me to leave the compression wrap off and discontinue the exercises until she could re-evaluate me at our second session tomorrow.

I have my first session with a physical therapist for my swollen knee and foot immediately after Monday’s OC session. I have been off my trike for eight weeks now. It is looking increasingly doubtful that I will be able to resume training in time to compete in the final time trial of the local Mid-America Time Trial Series on September 17th.