Period 11 – Week 1 Training Report

PERIOD 11 – WEEK 1 (08/22 – 08/28) TRAINING REPORT

HIGHLIGHTS: This was the base week for the 11th training period of the 2016 race season. The goal of this training period is to establish my optimum cadence and rebuild power for the last three races of the season. The weekday workouts were conducted indoors on a trainer. The weekend workouts were conducted on a local bike trail and rural roads.

Tuesday’s workout was a functional threshold power (FTP) test using my racing gear at the highest power level I can sustain for 20 minutes. Had to abort the test at the start of a preliminary five-minute maximum effort interval when I couldn’t catch my breath. My target power level was 223 watts. I started too strongly at 335 watts. Average speed was 19.8 mph; maximum speed was 25.6 mph. Average power was 148 watts; maximum power was 335 watts.

Wednesday’s workout was a recovery effort at 70-82% MHR for 40 minutes in the 53 x 19 gear at 90-95 RPM cadence. Average speed was 19.8 mph; maximum speed was 21.5 mph. Average power was 145 watts; maximum power was 215 watts.

Thursday’s workout was a speed effort at 105%+ MHR featuring two sets of seven 15-second all-out sprints in the 53 x 16 gear, followed by 45-second active recovery. There was five minutes of active recovery between the two sets of sprints. Average speed was 19.1 mph; maximum speed was 28.5 mph. Average power was 140 watts; maximum power was 520 watts.

Friday’s workout was a recovery effort at under 70% MHR for 40 minutes in the 53 x 21 gear at 90-95 RPM cadence. Average speed was 18.8 mph; maximum speed was 19.7 mph. Average power was 123 watts; maximum power was 163 watts.

Saturday’s workout was a 26.56 mile effort at 75%-85% MHR at 90-100 RPM cadence completed in 1:33:31, with two 20-minute intervals at 85%-93% MHR. Average speed was 17.1 mph; maximum speed was 30.0 mph.

Sunday’s workout was a 10 kilometer race rehearsal on the new Northern Virginia Senior Olympics 10 kilometer time trial course using my road bike, rather than my time trial bike. Completed the effort in 0:18:35. Average speed was 20.0 mph; maximum speed was 29.8 mph.


  • Total Distance: 103.36 mi
  • Longest Ride: 26.56 mi
  • Total Time for Week: 6:08:22 (h:m:s)
  • Avg Speed: 16.8 mph
  • Max Speed: 30.0 mph
  • Avg Power: 139 W
  • Max Power: 520 W
  • Calories: 2,617 C
  • Avg Weight: 161.4