Period 5 – Week 4 Training Report

PERIOD 5 – WEEK 4 (03/27 – 04/02) TRAINING REPORT

HIGHLIGHTS: This was the recovery week for the fifth training period leading up to the first race of the 2017 race season. The goal for this period is to add more intensive efforts around my racing threshold while maintaining my endurance and power base. The weekday workouts were conducted indoors on a trainer. Sunday’s workout was conducted outdoors on a local bike trail.

Tuesday’s workout was a hard race pace and anaerobic workout at 100%+ MHR for five minutes, followed by five minutes recovery, repeated two times. Average speed was 18.7 mph; maximum speed was 25.0 mph. Average power was 125 watts; maximum power was 377 watts.

Wednesday’s workout was a weight training session consisting of a 15-minute warmup on the bike, an assortment of 11 exercises, such as high-bench step-ups, straight arm pullovers, sit-ups + weights, and trunk curls, followed by an interval session consisting of a 15 second sprint in a big gear followed by two minutes of recovery in an easy gear, repeated six times. Average speed was 17.7 mph; maximum speed was 28.4 mph. Average power was 108 watts; maximum power was 485 watts.

Thursday’s workout was a power effort at 92%-105% MHR featuring three progressive efforts of one minute, two minutes, and three minutes, with two minutes of recovery between intervals, in the third largest gear on the bike. Average speed was 17.2 mph; maximum speed was 19.5 mph. Average power was 124 watts; maximum power was 283 watts.

Friday’s workout was an easy ride below 60% MHR with four 20-second sprints. Average speed was 17.7 mph; maximum speed was 28.7 mph. Average power was 107 watts; maximum power was 469 watts.

Saturday’s race was a 12.1 mile effort: Conquer the Canal Time Trial. Earned a 3rd place finish with a time of 0:31:50 (22.9 mph average).

Sunday’s workout was a 18.07 mile effort at below 70% MHR completed in 1:05:24. Average speed was 16.6 mph; maximum speed was 27.3 mph.


  • Total Distance: 90.08 mi
  • Longest Ride: 18.07 mi
  • Total Time for Week: 5:44:54 (h:m:s)
  • Avg Speed: 18.0 mph
  • Max Speed: 28.7 mph
  • Avg Power: 131 W
  • Max Power: 485 W
  • Calories: 2,570 C
  • Avg Weight: 165.4