Period 8 – Week 2 Training Report

PERIOD 8 – WEEK 2 (06/01 – 06/07) TRAINING REPORT

HIGHLIGHTS: This was the buildup week in this training period, featuring a continuation of the power and tempo efforts at 95%-105% MHR on Tuesday and Thursday. All of the weekday workouts were conducted indoors on the trainer. The Saturday and Sunday workouts were conducted outdoors on the local bike trail.

I had registered to race in the State Age-Graded Time Trial Championship on Sunday, but, after consulting with coach, declined to participate. There were several reasons for this decision. First, the course was only 4.4 miles long with an unsafe turnaround involving sharp turns on a bike trail before and after a wooden foot bridge leading to a parking lot leading back to the roadway for the return leg. Second, I would have spent almost eight hours driving for a race that would have lasted no more than 10 minutes. Third, there was only one other competitor in my age group. USA Cycling requires a minimum of three finishers in a race to calculate national ranking points. As coach commented, “(This) event is not worth it unless there is something quite significant at stake. The drive itself will be tiring and counterproductive.”

Based on my experience after winning this race last year, there was no particular prestige, national ranking points, championship jersey, or prize money associated with being state champion. So, I’ve decided to ignore this race next year, as well as any other “local” races requiring more than a couple hours of travel time. The sole exception will be the qualifying race for the 2017 National Senior Games.

Tuesday’s workout was a power interval session at 95%-105% MHR in the 53 x 16 gear for six all-out sprints of 15 seconds at over 120 RPM cadence, with a recovery period of two minutes between the sprints, followed by six all-out efforts of one minute at over 100 RPM cadence, with two minute active recovery between sprints, followed by two five-minute high intensity intervals at 100+ RPM cadence, with two minute active recovery between intervals. Average speed was 20.0 mph; maximum speed was 29.7 mph. Average power was 149 watts; maximum power was 427 watts.

Wednesday’s workout was a steady ride at 71% – 82% MHR for one hour in the 53 x 17 gear at 90-95 RPM cadence. Average speed was 19.0 mph; maximum speed was 24.0 mph. Average power was 128 watts; maximum power was 244 watts.

Thursday’s workout was a lactate tolerance development effort: 2.5 minutes at 105% MHR in the 53 x 16 gear at 100 RPM cadence, followed immediately by 3.5 minutes active recovery. This pattern was repeated eight times. Average speed was 19.4 mph; maximum speed was 24.2 mph. Average power was 137 watts; maximum power was 242 watts.

Friday’s workout was a recovery effort below 70% MHR for 40 minutes in the 53 x 19 gear at 90-95 RPM cadence. Average speed was 18.7 mph; maximum speed was 20.0 mph. Average power was 118 watts; maximum power was 141 watts.

Saturday’s workout was a 34.93 mile effort outdoors at 82%-90% MHR at 90-95 RPM cadence completed in 2:00:07. Average speed was 17.6 mph; maximum speed was 29.9 mph.

Sunday’s workout was a 46.76 mile effort outdoors at 60%-75% MHR at 90+ RPM cadence completed in 3:00:47. Average speed was 15.8 mph; maximum speed was 28.0 mph.


  • Total Distance: 160.13 mi
  • Longest Ride: 46.76 mi
  • Total Time for Week: 9:04:01 (h:m:s)
  • Avg Speed: 17.7 mph
  • Max Speed: 29.9 mph
  • Avg Power: 135 W
  • Max Power: 427 W
  • Calories: 3,483 C
  • Avg Weight: 168.6