Period 9 – Week 1 Training Report

PERIOD 9 – WEEK 1  (06/18 – 06/24) TRAINING REPORT

HIGHLIGHTS: This was a baseline week. The season has now reached the point where endurance, aerobic fitness, and strength are well developed and just need to be maintained. Intensity has been gradually increased to develop Functional Threshold Power (FTP) – race pace for one hour. The weekend rides are at moderate intensity for endurance and aerobic fitness maintenance, while the midweek trainer sessions incorporate very high intensity efforts to increase racing threshold. Workouts on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were conducted indoors on a power trainer. Workouts on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday were conducted outdoors on a local bike trail.

Tuesday’s recovery workout (due to an adverse heart rate variability reading) was a 28.52 mile effort at 60%-70% MHR completed in 1:50:30. Average speed was 15.5 mph; maximum speed was 24.0 mph.

Wednesday’s workout was a strength training session consisting of a 10-minute warmup on the power trainer, an assortment of 13 exercises, such as high-bench step-ups, one-leg squats, press-ups, and planks, followed a 10-minute cooldown on the power trainer. Average speed was 19.1 mph; maximum speed was 20.8 mph. Average power was 130 watts; maximum power was 169 watts.

Thursday’s workout was a VO2 development and lactate tolerance session consisting of three parts: 15 second all-out sprints repeated seven times with two minutes recovery between sprints; one minute all-out intervals at over 105 RPM cadence, repeated seven times with two minutes recovery between sprints; and a five minute high intensity interval at over 95 RPM cadence, repeated twice with two minutes recovery between intervals. Average speed was 19.0 mph; maximum speed was 26.9 mph. Average power was 113 watts; maximum power was 509 watts.

Friday’s workout was a leg speed spin out session consisting of a 30-second buildup to maximum cadence held for an additional minute, repeated four times, with four minutes recovery between intervals. Average speed was 18.6 mph; maximum speed was 24.4 mph. Average power was 125 watts; maximum power was 463 watts.

Saturday’s workout was a 28.44 mile effort at 70%-90% MHR completed in 1:49:51. Average speed was 15.6 mph; maximum speed was 25.6 mph. A 15-minute leg strength training session was added prior to the outdoor ride. This workout repeats three exercises that are part of Wednesday strength routine: full squat, one-leg lunge squat, and high bench step up.

Sunday’s workout was a 40.00 mile effort at 60%-90% MHR completed in 2:34:40. Average speed was 15.6 mph; maximum speed was 26.0 mph.


  • Total Distance: 144.70 mi
  • Longest Ride: 40.00 mi
  • Total Time for Week: 11:02:10 (h:m:s)
  • Avg Speed: 17.2 mph
  • Max Speed: 26.9 mph
  • Avg Power: 123 W
  • Max Power: 509 W
  • Calories: 3,138 C
  • Avg Weight: 164.0