Preparation 2.3 Training Report


I suffered a pair of freak injuries last weekend. The first was a ligament strain in my right thumb from an over-vigorous handshake with a colleage on Saturday. Within a couple of days, I had to visit my nearest Urgent Care facility for x-rays because the pain of moving the thumb became excrutiating. The second injury occurred as I was climbing the stairs in my home with my right hand in a plastic cast. I strained my right calf muscle. I had to abort Tuesday’s planned workout because my knee had swelled up and I was unable to pedal. Another trip for x-rays showed a soft tissue injury. Subsequently, my right leg, from my knee to my foot, start to swell. Treatment has included pain killers, ice, and elevation of the leg. No training was completed this past week.

This coming week’s training is in jeopardy. However, the swelling in my leg has been diminishing and I can move my thumb with less pain.