Switching to a Recumbent Racing Bike – UPDATE #3

On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, a very limited number of Cruzbike’s newest flagship model, the Vendetta V20c, went on sale. According to their website, “The road-dominating legacy of the Cruzbike Vendetta recumbent bike series is utterly undeniable. Its aerodynamics, ergonomics and biomechanics make it unbeatable on the open road. The all-new V20c is even lighter, stiffer, smoother and faster. It boasts a lightweight carbon fiber front triangle connecting to its aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame at a completely re-designed tapered head tube for added stiffness and improved handling. Behold: the perfect road record-smashing weapon.”

I successfully purchased one to replace my upright time trial bike. With delivery expected in May, I will get the bike assembled and fitted shortly after arrival and be ready to start racing with it for the second half of the season.

UPDATE #1 (05/14/22): Received my new bike on Thursday, May 12, without incident. UPS delivery left it outside my apartment door. I immediately took it to my local bike shop for assembly. Fitting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18. I will begin the “learning to ride” tutorial as soon as I bring it home.

UPDATE #2 (06/04/22): I met with my spine surgeon on Friday for my one-year surgery review and showed him a picture of the V20c. He was horrified. He actually forbad me from riding/racing it because a fall/crash with this bike could shattered my fused vertebrae and leave me paralyzed. He said that my center of gravity had shifted upward to my neck and upper back due to the 3.5 pounds of titanium pins and rods required to fuse the 15 vertebrae damaged in the collision with the scooter a year ago. He doubted I could control the V20c in a reclining position. He was correct. I have been unable to balance the V20c when I am fully reclined.

He was fine with the racing trike, TerraTrike’s Spyder, I purchased (and returned) six months ago because it was more stable and lower to the ground. So, I have posted a “For Sale” notice on the Cruzbike’s Forums and received two responses within an hour. My local bike shop has three Spyders in stock. As soon as I sell the V20c, I will replace it with the Spyder.

UPDATE #3 (06/23/22): The V20c has been sold and will be going to a new owner on Monday, June 28. Consequently, I bought the Spyder several weeks ago and have been training with it exclusively indoors. On Sunday, June 26, exactly one year since my crash, I will resume time trial racing on a 16 kilometer course I previously raced on multiple times over the past several years with my standard time trial race bike.