2021 Race Report #5: ABD John Fraser Memorial 10 MI Time Trial

My fifth race of 2021 was the ABD John Fraser Memorial 10 Mile Time Trial, the fifth race of the 20-race Mid-America Time Trial Series (MATTS). This race is an out-and-back flat course near Maple Park, IL, 50 miles west of Chicago.

The weather was hot, humid, and windy. Temperature at my 9:39 a.m. start was 81 degrees (felt like 82 degrees), 54% humidity, and the wind was from the southwest at 13 miles per hour (mph). The wind would be a headwind during the inbound leg of the course. The local road surface condition was excellent.

I completed my structured 40-minute warmup on my stationary trainer for 10.25 miles. Average speed was 15.9 mph; maximum speed was 21.9 mph. Average power was 115 watts; maximum power was 220 watts.

I moved to the start line on schedule. In view of the headwind inbound, I wanted to complete the outbound leg of the course, with a tailwind, as fast as I could. I averaged 23.59 mph outbound, but only 19.52 mph inbound. The winner’s time was 0:18:56 (23.41 mph). Second place time was 0:19:18 (22.97 mph). Third place time was 0:19:24 (22.85 mph). I finished in fourth place (out of six competitors) in 0:20:00 (22.2 mph).

Race replay: ABD John Fraser Memorial 10 MI Time Trial

My next race is next Sunday, June 13, the WBR Single Bong 20 KM time trial in Kansasville, WI, another course that I’ve raced both live and virtually multiple times over the past two years.