2021 Race Report #6: WBR Single Bong 12 MI Time Trial – UPDATED RESULTS

My sixth race of 2021 was the WBR Single Bong 12 Mile Time Trial, the sixth race of the 20-race Mid-America Time Trial Series (MATTS). This race is a rolling hill loop course around the Bong Recreation Area, Kansasville, WI, roughly 40 miles south of Milwaukee.

The weather was warm with low humidity and light winds. Temperature at my 9:49 a.m. start was 82 degrees (felt like 82 degrees), 37% humidity, and the wind was from the north at 7 miles per hour (mph). The wind would be a headwind during the third leg of the course. The local road surface condition was mostly excellent. The third leg was rough with cracked asphalt and numerous repaired potholes.

I completed my structured 40-minute warmup on my stationary trainer for 10.55 miles. Average speed was 15.8 mph; maximum speed was 23.9 mph. Average power was 120 watts; maximum power was 310 watts.

I moved to the start line on schedule. In view of the tailwind for the first leg of the course, I wanted to start fast enough to chase down one of my age-group competitors who started one minute before me. If I could pass him, I was guaranteed a podium finish. He has beaten me consistently so far this season. Incredibly, I succeeded in passing him before the halfway point of the course. Turns out he had raced earlier in the day in a different category. In that race, he finished the course in 0:32:14 (22.24 mph). In our age-group race, he finished a mile per hour slower in 0:33:55 (21.14 mph).

Here is my speed for each leg of the course. First leg was 23.95 mph average; second leg was 23.07 mph average; third leg (with bad roads and headwind) was 19.90 mph average; fourth leg was 22.95 mph average.

The winner’s time was 0:30:54 (23.2 mph). Second place time was 0:31:45 (22.58 mph). I took third place in 0:32:18 (22.19 mph). Still one mile per hour slower than the fastest competitor in my age-group. The winner started one minute behind me and didn’t pass me until halfway through the third leg. I had intended to hold him off until the finishing straight. But slowing by three miles per hour on the third leg really hurt my effort.

Race replay: WBR Single Bond 12 MI Time Trial

My next race is next Sunday, June 13, ABD Kaneville 16 KM time trial #2 in Kaneville, IL, the second of five times we will race this course this season.