2021 Race Report #7: ABD Kaneville 16 KM Time Trial #2 – UPDATED

My seventh race of 2021 was the second of five ABD Kaneville 16 Kilometer Time Trials and the seventh race of the 20-race Mid-America Time Trial Series (MATTS). This race is a flat loop course roughly 50 miles west of Chicago.

The weather was warm with high humidity and light winds. Temperature at my 9:33 a.m. start was 72 degrees (felt like 72 degrees), 78% humidity, and the wind was from the north at 6 miles per hour (mph). The wind would be a headwind during the first and second leg of the course.

I completed my structured 40-minute warmup on my stationary trainer for 10.28 miles. Average speed was 15.4 mph; maximum speed was 21.1 mph. Average power was 127 watts; maximum power was 384 watts.

I moved to the start line on schedule. In view of the headwind for the first half of the course, I wanted to start fast enough to offset the wind resistance. Here is my average speed for each leg of the course. First leg was 21.50 mph; second leg was 22.21 mph; third leg was 22.84 mph; fourth leg was 23.85 mph.

The winner’s time was 0:23:25 (24.62 mph). Second place time was 0:24:25 (23.61 mph). Third and fourth places were 0:24:56 (23.12 mph) and 0:25.12 (22.88 mph) respectively. I finished fifth in 0:25:33 (22.56 mph). I’m only 37 seconds away from a podium finish. There were a number of positive outcomes from this race, despite the fifth place finish. My peak power performance was the highest to date for five, 10, and 20 minutes. My intensity factor was also the highest to date, 0.96, versus the 0.87 from the first Kaneville race a month ago.

Race replay: ABD Kaneville 16 Kilometer Time Trial #2

UPDATE: My next race was scheduled to be the Illinois State Championship in Paw Paw, IL, Sunday, June 27. However, no registration information has been posted by the promoter. Whether this particular race will be rescheduled for later in the season or cancelled remains to be determined. The next scheduled race after Paw Paw is the SKR Herscher Two-Person 25 KM Team Time Trial, on Sunday, July 11, Herscher, IL. However, my race partner and I have decided to pass on this race because of the excessive three hour drive time to reach the race venue. We would rather use the three week break, after seven consecutive race weekends, for rest and recovery before heading into the second half of the season, with nine more scheduled races.