A Rarity: Two Consecutive Rest Days


HIGHLIGHTS: After the 16 hours of workouts last week, this week, with the exception of Monday’s 4-hour workout, consisted of rest days and easy endurance zone workouts of one or two hours. In the past, when I was racing time trials, Monday was traditionally a rest day after a weekend of racing. So, to have two rest days back-to-back is a rarity. The last time I had back-to-back rest days was three years ago after my collision with the scooter and the subsequent five weeks in the hospital. But those were involuntary rest days.

Due to the easy recovery workouts, my Chronic Training Load (CTL) dropped by three points, from 64 to 61.

This week’s training included five workouts on the trike, plus two strength workouts. All indoor cycling sessions were completed with my recumbent trike on a Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine smart trainer + Rouvy application.


  • Monday’s Foundation Miles workout was 25.62 miles in 1:53:47. Average speed was 13.5 mph; maximum speed was 14.4 mph. Average power was 59 watts; maximum power was 79 watts. The 45-minute strength routine was a mix of upper body and core exercises with ropes, hand weights, and bands.
  • Tuesday was a rest day.
  • Wednesday was a rest day.
  • Thursday’s Foundation Miles workout was 14.29 miles in 1:00:01. Average speed was 14.3 mph; maximum speed was 15.1 mph. Average power was 72 watts; maximum power was 91 watts. The 39-minute strength routine was a mix of upper body and core exercises with bands and free weights.
  • Friday’s Foundation Miles workout was 15.82 miles in 1:07:35. Average speed was 14.0 mph; maximum speed was 15.3 mph. Average power was 69 watts; maximum power was 88 watts.
  • Saturday’s Foundation Miles workout was 27.45 miles in 2:00:00. Average speed was 13.7 mph; maximum speed was 14.6 mph. Average power was 66 watts; maximum power was 81 watts.
  • Sunday’s Foundation Miles workout was 27.68 miles in 2:00:01. Average speed was 13.8 mph; maximum speed was 14.7 mph. Average power was 67 watts; maximum power was 87 watts.


  • Total Distance: 110.86 mi
  • Longest Ride: 27.68 mi
  • Total Time for Week: 9:25:24 (h:m:s)
  • Avg Speed: 13.8 mph
  • Max Speed: 15.3 mph
  • Avg Power: 65 watts
  • Max Power: 91 watts
  • Calories: 2,386 C
  • Avg Weight: 169.2
  • Chronic Training Load: 61 (-3)