Base 3 – Week 2 Training Report

BASE 3 – WEEK 2 (02/22 – 02/28) TRAINING REPORT

HIGHLIGHTS: The aim for this phase of training for the 2021 race season is to continue increasing the time in the saddle with endurance and speed workouts. All workouts were conducted indoors on a power trainer using the ZWIFT online application.

Tuesday’s L4 FTP Surge and Respond Intervals was three sets of six steps: two minutes at 222 watts, two minutes at 229 watts, 1 minute at 206 watts, two minutes at 229 watts, two minutes at 246 watts, and seven minutes recovery at 105 watts. The second half of the workout was 25 minutes at 140-187 watts. Average speed was 20.5 mph; maximum speed was 26.8 mph. Average power was 140 watts; maximum power was 300 watts.

Wednesday’s L2 Endurance Aero Turtling workouts was 60 minutes at 147-173 watts. Average speed was 20.4 mph; maximum speed was 25.3 mph. Average power was 135 watts; maximum power was 168 watts.

Thursday’s L1 Active Recovery workout was 60 minutes at 105-140 watts. Average speed was 19.0 mph; maximum speed was 24.8 mph. Average power was 116 watts; maximum power was 150 watts.

Friday’s workout was a Zwift special event called the 34.6-mile Haute Route Watopia completed in 2:33:11, with 2,943 feet of climbing. Average speed was 13.6 mph; maximum speed was 39.5 mph. Average power was 133 watts; maximum power was 251 watts.

Saturday’s L1 Recovery ride of 12.5 miles was completed in 0:55:55. The local bike trail was impassable to points farther west. Average speed was 13.9 mph; maximum speed was 21.3 mph. Average power was 140 watts; maximum power was 496 watts.

Sunday’s workout was the Zwift London Pretzel Route Badge of 35.0 miles and 1,568 feet of climbing completed in 2:05:49. Average speed was 16.9 mph; maximum speed was 48.5 mph. Average power was 135 watts; maximum power was 275 watts.


  • Total Distance: 152.61 mi
  • Longest Ride: 35.0 mi
  • Total Time for Week: 10:34:52 (h:m:s)
  • Avg Speed: 16.8 mph
  • Max Speed: 48.5 mph
  • Avg Power: 133 watts
  • Max Power: 496 watts
  • Calories: 4,403 C
  • Avg Weight: 161.4