Countdown to Triple World Record Attempt

On Saturday, September 7, 2024, I will attempt to establish inaugural Guinness World Records in the 75-79 age-group on a three-wheel recumbent (trike) on an outdoor track (Ed Rudolph Velodrome, Northbrook, IL) for 100 kilometers (62.4 miles), 100 miles, and six hours. My yearlong training effort will encompass three disciplines: endurance training (aerobic stamina on the trike), leg and hip strength training (at a local fitness center), and mental preparation (grounding exercises, intentional distraction, and mind-body connection) with my psychologist. I will post weekly training reports about my progress in each of these disciplines.

Concurrently, I will finish writing my cycling memoir for release as a free Kindle eBook (for the first 1,000 downloads) before the end of this year. In addition, I have started discussions with a local university’s film department about producing a documentary on these record attempts for release in 2025. Stay tuned.