Exceeded Annual Mileage Goal

My annual mileage since I started cycling 23 years ago has averaged just shy of 6,150 miles. That average was boosted by my first five years as a competitive cyclist when I averaged over 8,000 miles annually. The second year of racing I logged a lifetime high of 10,210.48 miles. Since that period, I have logged between 5,000 miles and 6,000 mile annually.

It will be interesting to see how many miles I log for the 2023 season on my trike. With the exception of three outdoor races, all of my workouts were conducted indoors with the Zwift or Rouvy applications paired with my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2 wheel-on resistence trainer.

As I’ve mentioned previously, neither Zwift or Rouvy model recumbent bikes. I trained with virtual time trial race bikes. In order to model the heavier weight and poorer aerodynamics of my trike, I will switch to a mountain bike model on Zwift and a road bike model on Rouvy. I expect this will reduce my average workout speed and mileage. I should get a pretty good idea of the reduction when I start training for the 2023 season.