Injury Recovery Report: Week 1


The appointment with my primary care physician (PCP) was a disappointment. He “punted” my care to an occupational therapist for my thumb and physical therapist for my knees. Since I had to wait three weeks to see him, I’m not optimistic that I will get an appointment with either physios in less than a month.

Meanwhile, my PCP prescribed an anti-inflammatory gel for application to my thumb and knees four times a day. He also ordered me to discontinue using oxycodone as a pain reliever. I am only suppose to resume using Extra Strengh Tylenol at the maximum daily dosage of 4,000 mg.

I suspended my TrainingPeaks coaching account for 30 days with the full cooperation of Coach Drews. We will resume training for the three World Record attempts in 2024 as soon as I have fully recovered use of my thumb and knees.