Injury Recovery Report: Week 2


As expected, I have occupational therapy and physical therapy appointments scheduled for August 2, 7, and 14, not with my primary healthcare system, but with an associated healthcare system. Otherwise, the earliest these appointments would have been scheduled with my primary would have been sometime in September, four months after incurring the injuries.

Meanwhile, I continue applying an anti-inflammatory gel to my thumb and knees three to four times a day. I ingest Extra Strengh Tylenol at the maximum daily dosage of 4,000 mg. I have started using ice packs on my swollen right foot and knee every 20 minutes every two hours.

The National Senior Games time trial course elevation profiles were revealed last week. I knew that the 5 kilometer course profile would include several short sharp climbs. However, the out-and-back profile for the 10 kilometer course on the High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes of a local interstate resembles a statistical bell-shaped curve: a steady climb of 5%+ to the halfway mark with an equally steep descent to the finish line. Not at all conducive for a recumbent trike. The climb would be excruciatingly slow at less than 10 mph with a descent at over 30 mph. Will be interested to see the average speed of the recumbent competitors next week.