Period 1 – Week 2 Training Report

PERIOD 1 – WEEK 2 (11/14 – 11/20) TRAINING REPORT

I successfully registered for the 5 kilometer (3.1 mi) and 10 kilometer (6.2 mi) trike age-group time trials at National Senior Games (NSG) in Pittsburgh on July 13-14, 2023. Entries for the cycling events are capped at 450 competitors. It is too early to learn if I will have any competition in my two events. The race venue hasn’t been officially announced yet, but there are indications that it may be held in the Moraine State Park, an hour north of Pittsburgh. I last competed at NSG in 2015 when the event was held in Minneapolis/St. Paul. I missed a 10th place finish in my age-group 10 kilometer time trial by a fraction of a second.

HIGHLIGHTS: Each week consists of four specific cycling sessions, two recovery cycling sessions, and two strength/yoga sessions. All cycling sessions were completed indoors with my recumbent trike on a smart trainer with the Zwift or Rouvy applications.

Tuesday’s Z3 2×10 Minute Intervals workout was 18.67 miles in 1:05:35. Average speed was 17.1; maximum speed was 23.3 mph. Average power was 91 watts; maximum power was 123 watts.

Wednesday’s Z1 Active Recovery Steady workout was 16.72 miles in 1:00:28. Average speed was 16.6 mph; maximum speed was 21.6 mph. Average power was 87 watts; maximum power was 101 watts.

Thursday’s Z2-Z3 Aerobic Build Up workout was 22.48 miles in 1:20:25. Average speed was 16.6 mph; maximum speed was 23.7 mph. Average power was 92 watts; maximum power was 192 watts.

Friday’s Z1 Active Recovery Varied workout was 17.29 miles in 1:00:32. Average speed was 17.1 mph; maximum speed was 23.9 mph. Average power was 95 watts; maximum power was 131 watts.

Saturday’s Z2 Extensive Endurance workout was 34.34 miles in 2:02:07. Average speed was 16.9 mph; maximum speed was 23.0 mph. Average power was 90 watts; maximum power was 156 watts.

Sunday’s Z2 Long Steady Road Ride workout was 33.11 miles in 2:00:09. Average speed was 16.5 mph; maximum speed was 24.8 mph. Average power was 89 watts; maximum power was 223 watts.


  • Total Distance: 142.62 mi
  • Longest Ride: 34.34 mi
  • Total Time for Week: 9:10:11 (h:m:s)
  • Avg Speed: 16.8 mph
  • Max Speed: 24.8 mph
  • Avg Power: 91 watts
  • Max Power: 223 watts
  • Calories: 2,775 C
  • Avg Weight: 167.3