Withdrew from World Time Trial Championship

Back on April 6th, I announced that I had entered the 6-12-24 Hour World Time Trial Championship (WTTC) in Borrego Springs, CA, on November 4-6. Several week ago, the organizers announced that all three events had sold out. There are 84 competitors in the 6-hour race with two other competitors in my men’s solo recumbent age-group. I knew that the current world record holder rides a recumbent trike, similar to my trike. What I did not know is what kind of recumbent the other competitor would be riding.

Two days ago, I happened to see a YouTube video by this other competitor of his recumbent bike filmed in 2018. He showed off his Cruzbike Vendetta, the original model of the recumbent I could not ride and had to sell. There is no way, even if this individual is not in competitive racing fitness, that we can match his speed. So, I notified the organizers that I wished to withdraw from the race and requested a refund of my registration fee.

I suggested that the organizers consider separating the recumbent categories by the number of wheels, which is how National Senior Games’ cycling events are organized.